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Missing Austin…

So instead of going to SXSW this year, I stayed at home and wrote. In hindsight though, I with I’d just gone for the weekend as a spectator (for a desert lover, the drive there from LA is amazing, relaxing, inspiring, therapeutic etc). Daydrifter was actually conceived the week I got back from SXSW last year. I performed a dozen times with my other band, wore the soles off my favorite pair of boots, and when I returned I made some musical fireworks in my mind on the way to the cobbler.

SXSW is a crazy thing. For fans, I’m sure it’s overwhelming with all of the parties, and the live music options, but for a musician it’s a physically and creatively exhausting experience. You have the same desire as a music fan to see bands and be seen, but there’s so much pressure to perform a million times, to reach a million people. You spend weeks building yourself up, mentally preparing for the trip, and then it happens so quickly. Suddenly you’re home, wondering where your week went, trying to remember if you saw any other bands, if you lost money, made money, if it was worth it, or rather what it was worth. While you’re there though, it’s amazing. You’re on a performance high. There you’re surrounded by “your people;” a million folks with the same agenda – Its perfect really. See you next year Austin… I miss your breakfast tacos!