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I failed at Tumblr, but found this

I failed at tumblr recently…  I started a page, thought I’d rather blog there, but it hasn’t worked out. Perhaps ‘ll go back… Check this out in the meantime.

I recently stumbled across this image, and found it intriguing. Its a temporary art installation by Imke Rust, titled, A Lamp, A Chair, A Rock (2010)

“A symbolically significant location in the Namibian bush, on the slopes of the Waterberg Mountains (near Waterberg Wilderness Lodge) where the historical battle between the German colonial troops and the Hereros has been fought in 1904, was used for my temporary land art intervention. Ideograms representing European everyday life (light, electricity and a chair) were drawn with masking tape onto a large rock in the middle of the wilderness, photographed and shortly afterwards removed again.”