I am a sleepwalker on a “War Path”

Here it is… the first track from DAYDRIFTER!!!

The song is called “War Path“, and it was conceived on a long silent car ride as I was running errands sans radio around LA in April (I was actually dropping off a pair of boots at the cobbler, that I’d worn the heels off of while stomping around Austin during SXSW). I demoed nearly all of the parts into my phone while I drove, and the second I got home I rerecorded it as (along with 2 other tracks, also anchored in vocal loops). The entire Daydrifter project and name came to me during the same car ride.

I’ve been wanting to write a war chant for some time –  something simple and oddly traditional sounding (pentatonic), with a foundation in vocal melody the way most traditional folk music is written (not the laurel canyon sort). When I’ve written for my other projects, I generally play piano or guitar and I let the instrument lead the way. In this case, I wanted to turn things around and start with voice and melody, so that everything else is secondary, which is a common thread throughout all of my Daydrifter songs.

Another aspect of the recording that I wanted to maintain was the spontaneity of every performance. There were only a few takes to get everything, my dogs are making noise in the background, and everything going on around me at home is captured by the mic (much like the recordings / performances I did with ROBOTANISTS for the King of Limbs In 24 Hours project).

My usual partner in crime, Daniel DeBlanke produced the track, to my delight.

[Silent film footage of Cecil Hepworth’s 1903 “Alice in Wonderland” was used under creative commons license. It is the earliest film adaptation of the book.]

This is a true story… I sleepwalk, sleeptalk and sleepsing, sometimes.

When I went walking out there
I saw so many things
I can’t let go
I can’t get up to see you while I sleep

and I sang

On a war path in my mind
I might have taken flight
I found myself
Somewhere else, too far for you to fight

and you sang

So many things, to look (love) for, to bring

xo sarah


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