Block Printing with a Ghost from the Gulf…

I’m doing some DIY album art for my Daydrifter project, so each album will be a little art piece (if all goes well).  I was recently reminded of the work of New Orleans native / Mississippi resident and artist, Walter Anderson, specifically his large scale block printing pieces. Growing up (for part of my life) on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain and in New Orleans, I had seen his water colors of coastal birds and such, without even realizing it, but seeing one of his 6′ block prints for the first time  instantly inspired me. Looking at it now, the simple geometric patterns of the piece evoke movement in a way that transports me to Horn Island. There, I can hear the rhythm of the gulf water lazily lapping on to the shore, and the harmonies made by soaring birds chirping as crabs scuttle through the sand below them.

Anderson died in the 1960s – unfortunately  Hurricane Katrina destroyed and damaged a lot of his legacy, but the one below, survives. I couldn’t find a higher res photo, so you’ll have to pay it a visit in person next time you’re in Mississippi – promise me you will.

Linoleum block print-Frigate Birds by Walter Anderson
Courtesy Walter Anderson Museum of Art

PS. I’ll have new music for you to hear very soon, I swear.

xo sarah


One response to “Block Printing with a Ghost from the Gulf…

  1. warpath is amazing! I’m also a lady-drummer who can sing!

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