In the meantime

I’ve got a few weeks until my next show so I’ll hopefully have time to work on DAYDRIFTER tracks. I’ve got a million ideas but so little time, so the final tracks will probably be gritty and sparse – true to my original vision. Demos are flying around but I don’t have anything to officially post just yet. Stay tuned.

In the meantime… I’m becoming obsessed with tourists and what I’m going to call their “home video hoarding” (via youtube).  I recently went to Disneyland (big surprise). There were a million parents shooting video of the fireworks. For what / who? Apparently these sort of videos make it to Youtube now a days for their little ones to watch and not remember years later, and for the world to see… ugh. There are literally hundreds of dreadfully shot videos of Disneyland fireworks, with thousands of views!

More interesting to me are the tourist videos of tribal people, who I’m guessing are making money by performing (generally in an amazing and inspirational way, no less) for the droves of tourists interested in seeing their “nativeness”. It was in fact these sort of videos that spawned DAYDRIFTER. I wanted to draw inspiration from the sound and feel of tribal song and dance, but through the process found a bunch of silly tourist videos, overwhelming the few profoundly shot ones . Oh well.

There’s nothing deep here to say, I’m just spending a lot of time with the home videos of others. I’m going to try narrating the videos I’m watching through song.

ps. I once posted a vacation video of my own on youtube. I was shooting an AK47 somewhere in Mississippi. It got thousands of views, and creepy comments… I had to learn the hard way that I am not alone. There are other vacation video peeping toms (like me) watching your home video hoard. Beware.

See you soon!

xo sarah


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